​​​​​​​Oakley Law Offices, LLC in Middletown​​

All of our attorneys offer a thirty minute initial consultation for potential clients.  Our office charges $35 for the initial consultation.

During that consultation, you and the attorney will have an opportunity to speak about your case.  During the consultation, there will NOT be an attorney/client relationship.  At the end of the consultation, there is no obligation on your part to retain us as your attorney, and there is no obligation on our office’s part to take you as a client.  However, if you come to an agreement then you can discuss forming an attorney/client relationship.  I suggest that you speak with different attorneys in regards to you case.  The more information you have then better off you will be in making a decision.

Attorney Oakley and Attorney Alward  hourly rate is $275 per hour.  Attorney Dornelas and Attorney Rauchle hourly rate is $175 per hour.  Our office will collect a retainer fee prior to signing a retainer agreement.  Unused retainers are refundable.  Thus, your retainer goes into a client security fund.  Periodically, our office will send a bill/statement with the total billable hours.  Our office will deducted that money owed from the client security fund and place it into our business checking account.  If your case ends with a positive balance in the client security fund, then you are refunded that balance.  Conversely, if our time on your case exceeds the monies in the client security fund, then you will receive a monthly bill for the outstanding balance.

The amount of the retainer required is case specific.  After the initial consultation, our attorney will have a glimpse of the facts and can offer an estimate what they believe the case would cost.  We cannot emphasis enough that it is an ESTIMATE.  The facts will determine what the quote will be as the retainer.  Retainers will range from three thousand dollars and higher.

If you are still interested in setting an initial consultation then call the office and have the below information ready.


  • Name
    • Address?
    • Telephone?
  • Who referred you to us?
  • What type of case is this?
    • Is there an existing case? If so, then name of case 
    • Where is your case, which Courthouse?                                      
  • How can we help you?
  • Other attorney(s) involved? If so, then who?
  • Spouse or ex-spouse’s name?
  • Other parent's name?
    • Address?
    • Their annual income?
  • How long were you married and location of marriage?
  • How long did you live together?
  • Children Names & Dates of Birth? 
  • What do you do for a living?
    • Annual Income?
    • Other high assets?

Call to set the appointment.  860-342-2302

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