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Station New London Reserve Unit

Reserve Enlisted Person of the Year (REPOY)

Matthew Willett

On RBS 25 with my son.

Operation Green Mountain Members 2017

If you are interested in joining the Coast Guard, then I encourage you to contact me.  I am willing to speak to you about the USCG.  With command approval, I can arrange a tour of Station New London.  Also, you can view the websitehttps://www.gocoastguard.com/



UNITED STATES COAST GUARD RESERVE  - www.uscg.mil/reserve                                                                                      

  • I proudly serve as part of the United States Coast Guard Reserves as a Petty Officer First Class Machinery Technician.
  • On August 20, 2006 through September 1, 2006, I attended the Reserve Enlisted Basic Indoctrination (REBI) program in Cape May, NJ.

  • Since September 1, 2006, I have been assigned to the New London Station in New London, CT.  I drill there one weekend every month.  Since joining the station, I have been involved in survival swims, Navy submarine escorts, a research & development mission, search & rescue missions, Operation Dry Water, and law enforcement.

  • I attended MK "A" school from January to March 2007 in Yorktown, VA.  The USCG trained me in the following subject matters:  Basic Safety, Plumbing, Motors, Pumps, Hydraulics, Electricity, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Outboard Motors, & Rebuilding and Repairs Diesel Engines.

  • In April 2010, I attended the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (MLEA) and graduated from the Boarding Officer Practical Course (BOPC).
  • In 2010, I was award the Reserve Person of the Year (REPOY) for the state of CT.

  • On July 5, 2010, the USCG issued my orders in support of Operation Deepwater Horizon.  I was assigned as: (1) Contractor Management Team, (2) Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Team, and (3) Emergency Response Team.  My orders ended on December 2, 2010 and I returned to drilling at Station New London.

  • In January 2016, I attended the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (MLEA) and graduated from the Radiation Detection Level II Operators Course.

  • in June 2017, I supported Operation Green Mountain.
  • In July & August 2018, I supported Operation Green Mountain.

  • I was a qualified 25 boat crew member until the 25 RBSs was retired.  I am a qualified 29 boat crew member, boarding officer, and RAD Level II Operator.